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04 Dec 2020


9:00 pm - 9:45 pm



Ancestors & Rituals of South Africa

Unique, refreshing and on the cutting edge of technology, Soda Studio offers musical experiences like never before with a new type of interactivity for viewers that allows engagement and brings audiences into the show. Hosting performances, listening sessions, interviews, virtual fan rooms and custom-designed sets, Soda Studio offers people at home not only a grooving musical experience but also a platform for true music lovers to get deeper with the artists they love.
With lockdown still being a reality across much of the USA and with threatening second waves of Covid in SA, virtual musical experiences are still very much in demand. Ensuring they are delivered professionally whilst delivering a worthwhile experience to the consumer is vital – one which Soda Studio has now perfected.
Festival of Sounds event, in partnership with, presents three unique South African traditional music masters including: Luyolo Lenga – combining classical training with the serene one-stringed Uhadi and Mgube, whilst Pops Mohamed has mastered the West African Kora, transcending viewers through ancient Koi San instruments of South Africa. Nathi Bantu, originally a reggae artist now explores his own roots of traditional Xhosa music.

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